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Nylon Lanyards – 25mm

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Nylon lanyard is a perfect option for the detailed logos or images, they offer a smooth surface that allows for high quality silk-screening. They are highly recommended for those complex logo designs and lanyards that require a huge amount of detail. Nylon lanyards are tough, durable and doesn't t wrinkle like other materials. With a glossy finishing, the print colours tend to be brighter which helps to make your logo or slogan stand out. To create your own your lanyard, select a colour, select a free attachment, add on optional safety breakaway unit and add your logo.

Colour: White, 208c, 226c, 212c, 201c, 193c, 186c, 1795c, 485c, 032c, 478c, 471c, 021c, 1235c, 142c, 1355c, Yellow c, 382c, 809c, 361c, 354c, 7481c, 348c, 3302c, 3278c, Process Blue c, 293c, 3015c, Reflex Blue c, 281c, 289c, 252c, Purple c, 249c, 2607c, Warm Gray 1c, Warm Gray 8c, Cool Gray 6c, 877c, 425c, Black, PMS colour match available with fees applied.
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