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And the winner is……

The award for best use of a promotional product to drive brand engagement, repeat customers and word of mouth is…….Youfoodz!

And the winner is……

These guys are a phenomenon.  They are smashing the market with their edgy advertising, both traditional and digital, but a large part of their marketing dollar is being spent on well thought out promotional products.

A study of Youfoodz brings to life this brilliant mix of modern technology and old-style customer service.  It’s a beautiful combination of everything new and old and they are kicking goals because of it.

Just like when you buy an Apple product, the unboxing of your Youfoodz is a large part of the overall experience.

“What did we get this time?” is the question that roars around the kitchen table.

Everything is clever.  The packaging is magnificent, the products are timely, like the branded knife and fork with your first order and the “gifts” are designed to generate word of mouth.

The cooler bag, decorated with the hashtag message #mylunchisbetterthanyours, has both a high perceived value and is useable daily.  In lunch rooms around Australia, the conversation about Youfoodz has been started by a simple cost-effective lunch bag.  Talk turns to quality, service and price sure, but the recognition starts with the promotional product.

If you don’t think promotional products suit your business, ask yourself why does a company the size of Youfoodz put so much emphasis on their promotional products.

The answer is simple.  Youfoodz want to reward their customer base and start a conversation with potential new clients.  This is making the marketing dollar work double time and they don’t even have to do the selling.  The happy customer does that for them!

We can help create this sort of buzz around your business, just ask us how.  For now, I am off to order my next Youfoodz meal and I for one, can’t wait to see what little goodies I get this time.

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