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A Simple Question

A simple question. What does your branding say about your business?

A Simple Question

The sign shop owner who doesn’t care enough to have the best signs for his own business, the accountant who wants to deal with my money but doesn’t care enough to make sure his staff uniforms convey a professional look.

You might say they are just small things, but to me as a customer it makes me ask the question; Do you really care?

Branding is your message to the world, about what sort of business you are. 68% of customers make a judgment whether they like or dislike your business based on what they see! Nothing else!

Branding is one of the easiest things to control and have influence over, yet we see businesses who think the sign out the front or the collateral they use isn’t important.

Owners work so hard and spend thousands of dollars on traditional advertising to get people to walk into their business, but the simple fact is a brand health check will deliver you more customers who already like what they see!

Don’t’ know where to start? Speak to The Branding Office team today.

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