The Branding Office's 12 Gifts of Christmas Campaign
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Xmas Thanks

Thanks and here come the 12 gifts of Christmas!

Thanks for your support and in October we launch our 12 Gifts of Christmas campaign. What are you doing to get in front of your clients and say thank you!

Hi and welcome to The Branding Office, coming to you from our Buddina showroom. We've been open for just over four weeks now. I can't believe it's gone so quickly but thank you so very much for your continued support we really are over the moon, the staff are loving having the Buddina showroom and it appears that you too are really happy that we are now down on the southern end of the coast.

Of course our Noosa showroom has been going for many years now and it's as popular as ever but certainly the Buddina showroom has been just so well received so thank you very very much.

If you're looking for branded merchandise, whether it's uniforms or products or any of your branding needs for your business, then we've got the two showrooms and we've got the coast covered.

Now this month, we're launching the 12 Gifts of Christmas. Our favourite 12 gifts of the year to help get you in front of your customers or your staff to say thank you for the year that has been and what a year it has been. There's never been a better time to finish the year off with a bang, say thank you reminded them you are still in business and you're going to be there in 2021.

12 great gifts all different price ranges, make sure you're on our socials on Facebook, make sure you're on Instagram and make sure you're on our website as we launch them through the month of October.

Stay safe look forward to seeing you again soon, don't forget 66 Nicklin Way Buddina and 41 Rene Street Noosa

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