The Branding Office Partners with Sleepbus: Not-for-Profit Project
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New Partnership With Sleepbus

New Partnership with Sleepbus

When the owners of The Branding Office heard Simon Rowe speak about his unique not for profit passion project sleepbus, they just knew they wanted to help.

sleepbus’ mission is to bring safe, temporary, overnight accommodation to people sleeping rough in Australia and after reaching out to Simon, they literally jumped onboard the incredible project to become a corporate partner.


sleepbus converts retired transport buses into safe, temporary, climate-controlled accommodation consisting of sleep pods with a lockable door, television and toilets. Each night they are parked up in areas of need and allow a safe nights sleep to the region’s most vulnerable.

“The sleepbus mission is to bring safe overnight accommodation to people sleeping rough. What Simon and his volunteers are doing at sleepbus is lifechanging and it really is such a powerful way to say to someone we are here to help.” The owner of the Branding Office Jodi Veivers said.

On any given night in Australia 118,000 Australians are homeless.

 “When Jodi and I heard about sleepbus, we reached out to Simon. I think more than anything we wanted to let him know how incredible we thought the work he was doing was and was there anything we could do to help.” Justin Veivers said.

He added “It’s not acceptable that anyone in this country has to live like this, but for lots of reasons people find themselves in this situation. What we love about sleepbus is that it asks no questions, it just helps. We take a safe nights sleep for granted and sleepbus is making sure those that have hit hard times can also feel safe”

“The new addition of a Pink sleepbus service will specifically cater to women and children and this will provide another layer of safety for our most vulnerable.” Jodi said.

sleepbus vehicles are already on the road in Melbourne, Queanbeyan and Canberra.

The next sleepbus service will be stationed at Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, with that area raising enough money to build a traditional and Pink sleepbus service and those builds are underway now, with a launch expected later in the year.

Founder and CEO Simon Rowe said, “From a business perspective, it’s fantastic to have business owners like Justin and Jodi reach out and offer their support. I can’t do this alone, it takes a community, and it takes passionate supporters, who understand what we are trying to do, to back us in and help those in need get back on their feet. Justin and Jodi weren’t looking for a corporate partnership, they just got what we were doing here at sleepbus and called to say; we’re in, what do you need, and that’s awesome.”

 “At sleepbus we believe sleep changes everything, getting a good nights sleep is a powerful thing and we hope to bring many safe sleeps to those sleeping rough in Australia. The best way for individuals and businesses to help us, is to simply get in touch, have a chat and let’s figure out how to scale sleepbus even faster. Even the simple act of sharing with your own network what we are doing is extremely valuable to us.”

“If you’re interested in finding out more, head over to and you can see build projects, sleepbusLIVE stats of current services and how to get a sleepbus in your community.”

Simon’s ultimate goal is to ensure everyone sleeping rough in Australia has access to a safe nights sleep and in doing so, actually end the need for people to sleep rough in this country.